This site is the bee’s knees
by medium4jesusgod Medium For God DBA

To stop the awful I D theft being done to my medium for me thy great God Almighty to say the antichrist plays a game and slanders her since her great birth and lies shes a lame brain and dumb stupid idiot retard and names such as this he says to others and says your so much better suited for this utmost important position here you take this great job in the mail he took from a post office or a Fed Ex jet at LAX international airport for years he takes the Nancy G Fox funds from the trucks to planes to his houses the Bel Air mansions that are stolen properties and the antichrist serial killer horrific murdering crimes they do to so many youths for so long and keep the heads of the great girls under their houses in Bel Air it was a tip we reported so long ago and they may have cleaned it up by now as under the hated now more so stolen Bel Air homes the antichrist stole the Saints and the Lordesses on earth houses as they are their last life homes they really did live in in that last life a great and so awful one as always as they hung one of them as they often do that to them the nicest ones and they did this as a klu klux clan atire to one of her great blond children at age five and I say so me God and they did this to them when she was thou great blessed Katherine a so grand famous more so than ever a real Queen of this greatest ever to be so of their kingdom to own some of it as well as she was the real bravest Queen there also and they did kill all her young kids in the human sac religion and they are the hated devil who work so against her always in all lives as shes the medium for me God thee Almighty and my Lord Jesus Christ his mirror of a twin soul and its the second coming of this Christ we are all doing now and have done and its her deal her thing her mission and its supposed to have been so well explained by some proffesional staffs and many fools lie they are this and are not they spy stalk and steal from Nancy Fox and open her mail addressed to only she her my medium for me thy God Almighty and they open her own mail since her birth and are supposed to have treated her with such respecet and diginity and they are not honest ethical forthright people as she is as a great Realtor of ten years and a great Costume Designer of one hundred movie T V show feature films productions shes more honest than most people and if she was named to be a fan club for a important Prophet of the century a well known gifted angel board reader internationally as they called her the best and fastest oujia board reader the staff is supposed to be so sincere and serious about the mail gifts money and treat her as a celebrity as a open vessel of my light of this great Lord thou Jesus Christ and they are supposed to be wise proffesionals who are handling all appropriately and they are to document each cent they took spent and she would zerox it copy it twice sign it fax it prove it document it and keep each letter for she and call to be certain she received it and they are supposed to be so honest and sincere and understand the meaning of such important religous mail sent for her such as the Pope dear man he is you would hand it to him immediately or to his great honest forthright secretary and be so honored and humble grateful to have this postion to hand Nancy Fox her life saving mail thats her questions for us in heaven around her now and always have been and its to save lives all over this planet earth and under it they need to be rescued and the devil criminals need to be found out and stopped from their kiddy porn ring and clit cutting frenzy the doped up crank speeded up freaks of animals having orgys in sin and filth are doing underground all the time sex drugs raping murdering bank robbery and kidnapping stalking peeping tom and kiddy porn traffick killing in surgerys they order dead body human meat selling is what they all do rape murder rob kill party hardy they call it and clit cutting they are paid eight hundred thousand to chop one off the whole nine yards they yell the crazy serial killer animals they are beyond monstors and they are paid mucho big bucks to murder as they are hit ladies hit men is what they are and they are wasted sex addicts heroin addicts who kill for a hit of pot crystal light is crank and meth dope and they get a big shot after they kill a family last batch they say snuff torture clit cutter movie of terror murder blood such awful guts and they get a shot of heroin immediately in the arm by a fat lady Kathleen in a white nurses smock and shes a clit cutter pedophile and they all go nod out in the next dug out rooms nine rooms they have under the Addison St man hole by the middle school in Sherman Oaks California United States of her America may close down right now as all her earned money is stolen now and they are wrong at an AA Meeting to side with the horrible killers of a clit cutting raping murder ring of sex addicts who are perps addicted to raping young kids and many are in a euphoria daze of these hated so drugs as they are all cranked up below saying I don’t understand we are told they are all bad people by the profiles sent by our banker on the lake and she said they are choosen to go now below and she aims messages on facebook that they are hot and horny and will have a jolly ol time and says they love hot sex and will get off on a kinky deal in the dug outs and says not to worry its all been so well agreed upon by my power of attorney and other lawyers in the North Ranch estate mansions who say they will continue doing the papers and taking their funds from banks brinks trucks Medium For God business gifts sent as thank you presents for the Medium For God Nancy Gail Foxs Prophet writing so they can disappear to below by sirens coming all around them now says the hated serial killer rapist murderer in coldest dark red blood each day and says I got hot sexy spy cams on them from ten years ago just today of her and her old boyfriend and said ha ha see look at a so horny lady to me I said thats kinky wet wild sex see in her own room at their home and says see a hot fun time and says its okay dont worry its just a fun swell time we all planned it out so well to get them away and say we are the Medium For God DBA Business and the Best Mom on a spy cam and keep all their money we all took and their gifts and said to the women signing her name to keep taking it all so they can all go away on a top secret mission thats all been so well planned since 05 when her psychic jobs were sent in the mail for her alone and we all took them at realtor offices all over the area then and still are her psychic jobs we took then and now still are by an order from the National Gaurd shes aiming it says hand them all to her now to our White House Medium Miss Nancy Gail Fox as you have stolen over twelve years of her own angel board jobs and those are only hers and her great daughter our other angel board reader and shes an adult age now age twenty five years old and those are hers also for twelve years they are all sent such psychic wise mail to save lives all over the world and the money funds of theirs is sent so they have their own money to protect themselves and so they a re safe alive and so well and so they are not missing or kidnapped is why and they are to be on T V so they cannot be taken and thats the other order now as always to be on television public and so famous and thats the order now as its a huge bank robber kidnaper murder ring being run and many women 89 it was or 72 are signing Nancy G Fox and stealing from her and they are wearing stolen jewelry of her elderly mothers thou Denise Sampson Fox of Greely Colorado and a native Sherman Oaks resident for a really long time and the crooks in 05 literally stole the fastest angel board reader in our times angel board jobs and her last life she was not as fast acutally as she was not so panicked endangered and it must be stopped now as she earned each and every angel board job and they were so outright stolen and in 05 they did this crookery as they work for the hated murdering ring of the antichrist and they steal from her because they dont want her reporting their slavery operation and that they planned for many years and its a big game of such immaturity and so greedy they are and they think its a real job to sit in a mansion bought with their stolen best Mom victims money thats my mediums money and her great daughter sent for her My DCFS Victimizing Stories that shes sends for many long years a decade almost since summer 09 and thats her money for her long so lengthy letters crying and due to the injustice done to them at their great house on this famous so street named to them in Paris France as La River Farm Road in their to be known owned City of Westlake Village as their funds were sent there on a white brinks truck for them since 1997 and thats their money that real estate was bought with so illegally as real estate fraud as you cannot buy houses with someone elses money funds lots of them and thats a great simple law of such fact and thats why they got some loan brokers and mortgage brokers on the hated lake and the realtors involved in sneaking around and literally robbing our mediums mail thats so important and thats addressed to Miss Nancy Gail Fox always and it was even taped to her own private office of a great single mom realtor door and they all took her mail and her money sent to her bank and in 09 even eighty thousand or so was sent to pay the mortgage payment on River Farm Drive to her great realtor office I pray it may become thus turn into this as they sent money to pay her mortgage on her house shes the owner of on River Farm Drive to her real estate office in spring 09 and a man took it and put it in her bank U S Bank and sent it to a relatives bank in another county and it was from the Japan sting or Japan Prime Minister or Japan Animal Cruelty center sting operation because their cats were so stolen cat napped from their great so blessed yard in 08 summer fall labor day wisked away by awful mean stalkers then and their save my life instructions were so stolen that said to board me at the near by animal hospital their vet way back then in 08 it probably was or 09 as someone a tall blond woman cat napper may have had the cats somewhere and it said our angel board reader is to have a motor cade driving and they lie its for them is the problem as they stole her many great amounts of angel board jobs sent by her hard work for years at advancing her spirituality and they are not spiritual nice people and she worked ions at this line of work of advancing her psychic ability to its heighest height and many who are greedy crude lie and steal it and lie its bullshit and say take that mail its bullshit a game she does and lie they can steal her hard earned Saint psychic jobs that are all sent by her years of study and hard work as an honest sincere great pscychic spiritual advanced person and evil greedy lying sinning sneaky dishonest back stabbing real hated devils steals what shes worked for in her whole life and earned and its not theirs at all and its nothing to do with them and they spy by ten cameras case out every area where she lives for years and steal what is hers and lie they do the Nancy G Fox save life on earth job and lie they do the work secretly and steal whats shes always been earning and they stole her angel board wise worldy stop slavery internationally mail and set up do to I D Theft to her Nancy G Fox family money thats hers and her childrens since their birth also is one forth of it and many are paid from their money funds to cover them and do not so why on earth do they get a pay check? thats stolen money as they are paid from her money to be their associates and are not at all in any way shape or form they stalk spy steal by the Prophet protection equipment and they set her up to DCFS on purpose and steal by the watch cam equipment and many spying ways a number of hackers and so on and they lie they are covering a DCFS Case file family and use it to steal and they lie they cover for the White House the medium whos a medium for passed on American Presidents and they lie they cover her demeanor and well being health and welfare and do not at all they steal everything so she is starving broke 12993511_10154683068544688_3965925855745990068_n

PUBLISHED: May 31, 2017
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