The Virgin Mary To Save Our Lives
Posted on May 31, 2017
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This is how the so rotten story does so linger on it may not shortly very shortly I do say as a old friend of a so great film person in his state owned of his great so of the olden day Malibu it may become so soon as I am the real Virgin Mary to say I did really contact my medium by the greatest lake it is so soon to be now become thus as its really been so all along as well as this greatly endangered so of the Mailbu to the olden Santa Monica mountain range to say thats her all alone it is not at all its half his we do say so now if he saves them today is our Lord on earth today and may be half his and gifted to them in their so quaint of a Malibu home to say they may be so soon awarded a real k zillion or some so astromonical amount of her funds so soon as its all been so stolen for so very long in this darkest time of thier need to be saved as this savior on the earth as this so steady cam of a great film industry camera operator to a really great director of his so photography I say in my words from within her as shes sitting in her trance so writing state as always so often as a great so psychic and not always wise we did say but pray it is okay that it turns out so well as some may have said she yelled in her apartment with no ajoining wall was not right I say she awoke mad about not having money as always she awakes so mad and fiercest anger upon awaking is not how she ever was but writing her meek sweet endamgered heart and soul out for so long its been eight years of being a real medium clear and dumb stupid idiots I say by the new day terms words of such fun phrases they are the new day language as many do not get this at all in the oldest day of their great to be I pray so the Conejo Valley but some thousands so approximately or her own angel board jobs were sent for her as the bright so in bliss spiritual angel board fast reader as she did it each night all alone in their great blessed to be again their part time home we do pray as the injustice done to rob from her is so inhuman and so unbelievable to this whole entire world that they cannot believe that realtors knew those are wise to so worldly psychic jobs sent for her and her all alone and they stole thousands of them and lied they are their realtor stop slavery work orders and made fake notes they got from others on a land line phone I do say and the fake orders were rewritten job descriptions that the banker on the lake this hated mortgage broker pretending to be a nice funny crude though friendly work associate acquantance is the word my medium adds in as shes not a very close friend ever but she got wind of the mounds of funds coming to their city of The City of Westlake Village and they were to know they own it and the woman heard of the funds sent for Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor 900 mil a week and 1/4 divided among her great daughters as always it states and 100 mil a week to go to her Lord on earth her old boyfriend she was with when it started to be sent again in 2006 and was sent there when they moved to the North Ranch gateway on their great named a Saint street of thou endangered of the Janlor Drive family home they moved to in 97 and their funds were sent to five banks there then and taken as its taken by the devils running a real human slavery ring and they lie they do a save life job assignment for population control to take them in need for help for some surgerys to be nice they act as if they are helping and its not needed number one or wanted and its inhuman and so illegal to force any medical attention and its to illegal to kidnap them and they lie to authoritys for years its our job to help some poor things poor dears health and welfare case files and lie they are this type sort of people and lie they are collecting some welfare and lie they need medical attention and they do this to take them to human slavery and they also lie they control their medical attention finances mail and act as if they are a gravely disabled personality in their great lives and they are not at all they are highly so succesful people and they make earn a great amount of funds and they frame people to make them so broke and so stuck immediately to call a fake siren firemen or regular ambulance on them and park them all around their area neigborhood and in the school yards and its for human slavery and its selling them as dead meat a meat market it is always for so many years and its plain old framing bank robbering kidnaping and murder and some murders right away by a large longest shot of drugs and pepto bismal they put in food in houses beverages to ruin health slowly and all kinds of evil games they do to kill people for dead meat slavery gilotines underground beneath the streets and the snuff sets and clitoral cutting machines chairs are gynological and barber chairs ten in a real row all sterile they yell to some above to cut it off and tell some more lies they lie they are a sex addicted mother and her poor kids of so many great girls ten to eleven daughters normally it was step kids maybe or cousins great grandmas as they kill the whole entire family and I am virgin Mary to say a yell this must stop as its human slavery thats gone on far too long and they are the hated antichrist of America in their dugouts underground now shouting to hurry Sir please to get some more wheels around our great well known medium to say its to be on the media for the news shes yelling underground and we will all have a laugh we say and say ha ha shes not the medium its the ones we send work to and take it there her work we get by spy watch cams on her computers for years and since 2010 and she does the work for over eight years says a relative by her observation and she said it was not 2011 it was 2010 by her crazy resume’ she typed that they all send so many gifts for the Prophetess of this century that they all took again at so many AA meetings as she stole her Prophet resume’ presents so again and sent the stolen property to more crooks and laughs at this crookery she does and says its just for fun they send them to her for her Prophet writing work for years she says she takes them all by lying she got court control by calling and lying to the hated so Department of Child Family Protective Services in 09 mind you ages ago and she uses liar papers of fraudulent statements that were so dismissed in their entirety to steal the fun that is for Nancy to be acknowledged and recognized as my great medium in Los Angeles so all will know to so follow her crime tips and they are her thank you Prophet gifts all sent for her channel writing work that she does day in and day out since June 09 for eight years and this person has no place in a serious Prophet medium clear vessels channel writer spiritual geru business at all and its not ever been allowed in our time in fact its a real felony crime to interfere ever in any away shape or form with a real Prophet writer and its almost eight years of gifts stolen and they stole her medium For God and me Mary writing jobs in 09 springtime and sent them to some awful lying phony realtors of greedy conieving con artists and said to say its their stop slavery real estate job to go with the stop slavery eight hundred angel board jobs they all stole of hers in 05 to 09 and taped to her office door their greedy sinful hands stole them right away and from the mail box on a post at their house and they had the banker on the lake steal her 06 stop trafficking in The Conejo Valley psychic crime tip angel board jobs and they were sent for she Nancy my great medium because she did her angel board everynight at their great house on la River Farm Drive and its none of their place ever to outright take her great mail that states her name and her name all alone is most of it and some is for Miss Jessica D Taylor the other angel board reader in 05 to 09 and still its stolen also and thats their property and for thier work by advancing their spiritual higher consiousness to a great life saving Lordess and thou Lord on earths mail is so stolen by busy body brats I do so say immature beyond belief by ones who are so cruel to so crude and evil sinful in fact they steal her best mom victims money sent for the long time sober AA great mommy and they drink on it at the Westlake hotel and golf drunk and all pow wow at happy hours in their city and set up a nuclear war attack by so immature mean cruel sinful crooks and they buy estates with stolen Best Mom Fox-Taylor funds and lie thats their Lordess on earth house and sit there stealing her Lordess on earth great resume’ gifts and lie they are doing the Nancy G Fox Westlake Village stop slavery real estate job and they arent and its not even a realtors position its a psychic job and its all sent for her she the best mom for her many letters since 09 summer to get her daughters custody and to drop this whole thing and she wrote a million more letters all day and night and faxed them in 09 and started emailing them in spring 09 by masses from many email addresses and lenghty long heart sobbing ones pleeding to the whole world for some lawyers funds and its eight hundred million times eighty nine banks of her own funds that are all really so stolen and thats to the Best Mom the AA Old timer heart broken best mother and they steal it out of her mail and buy estates and lie thats my Lordess on earth estate by following her instructions they stole in the mail in 07 fall that said for our medium Miss Nancy G Fox to get her money sent to her banks in their local area the realtor she was then since 1999 and they actually called the banks and lied a long time realtor of our great to be California since 1999 could not add as she sits there selling houses all the while the devils called her banks under handidly as always in her life and lied shes a dumb stupid retard idiot and cant add I took over this account and lied they have something to do with it and dont and it was sent to her banks in fall 07 for the owner of the great amounts of funds for Nancy Gail Fox and family one forth her childrens money funds I may add as its been nine hundred million a week sent since her great birth and at age seven her cousin a far off relative was told to get the one hundred thousand that comes off the top of her nine hundred mil a week and that 100 thousand is for her mom to pay people to cover her for safety and its for her poor mom to spend her whole life as well and the relative says hes paid by the state of California to not say a thing about this matter as they say they got full control of this money by lying a smart intelligent long time sober great normal person is a gravely disabled retard dumb stupid idiot lame brain as that the anticrhrist woman running kiddy porn slavery underground shes a murderer saying this nonsense to a far off relative who lied hes Nancy Foxs accountant and never told her anything about it and he said hes told they got full control of my neices mail forth cousin really and no they do not at all and its all been a huge lie and they are the hated devils running human slavery telling these lies and in fact shes to own the State Account of California her whole life and shes to own many banks since her birth and now she is also and hes not her accountant at all ever and hes lying hes allowed to be in her finances and is not either and they have no control at all they use not ever needed watch cams to steal from the Prophet of this century and the last one was her great daughter Miss Hannah-Grace and shes my medium in every great and so awful life and shes my medium for me always The Virgin Mary Magdolene as shes my medium song of life may play on as its been a dirty rotten game to rob my mediums Miss Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor and Miss Hannah Grace my next great one to be so and my other one right now may be my Saint Jessica our fair maiden and medium thou other Lordess on earth so now and its their money to do as they please and the rotten clit cutter kiddy porn serial killer four eyes liar sits under here she says killing kids all night and day and into the deep dark black biggest dick night in the smallest toe head petite thing wee one she can find in hotels on vacation in local pre schools she takes them down stairs by the sweet hand and has forty nine men eat out their pussy she calls it this about a two year old and blows bubbles and films tapes it as its her rotten antichrist kiddy porn business and she lies shes stopping traffick for goverment agencys and runs it and cuts clit off their moms moaning in pain in a strapped in chair her and nine women do drugs and eat out the moms they call it eating them out and making them cum and spooge all over them and say ha ha last one youll ever have we are cutting it all the way off you lost full custody for being a whore and thats why they say they gang rape the daughters in front of strapped in mothers and eight men rape their precious vaginas on the cold cement floor as they are a human sex torture operation of cold blooded serial killing below and she is lying my medium is a gravely disabled invalid and tells banks these lies about her and lies typos in trance channel medium clear vessel blissful and horrific crime tips writing is a disability and lies shes our medium and no shes not she says her deal is to keep all the stolen stop traffick office money sent since 2010 summer that shes stashed in a bank in Chatsworth area and lies its an invalids money and she lies shes the Medium For God business and wears stolen Medium For God clothing presents jewelry drives in bank parking lots pretending shes the Medium For God business and drives stolen vehicles in the bank parking lots and loots her mail since 2012 from her paid for P O Boxes in the middle of the night and day the underground group takes her mail and money out of it and her great gifts and they give the stolen property of many presents to other people and its a very evil sick time to steal someones own gifts for their work they did already and its the one relative saying they got prison time for lying shes not psychic and say they steal every penny every gift so they wont go to prison do the time for their crimes as to say that interferes with her life saving work and they got caught in fall 08 by the real nice Japan stings and were told to go to jail for six months for ispy for lying about it in fall 07 and for slandering the great mother our medium Miss Nancy Fox and they were told to pay her seven hundred or eight hundred each or go to jail for six months and in fall 08 they said lets not pay her and say we did to them who ordered it by the real White House notices since 2007 when they were caught for stealing her Prophet psychic jobs at her office and they were a group caught for taking them and the relative says they got so much prison time for calling CPS Sneakily about a great mom in fall 08 and 09 spring and they are ordered to every prison in her land of America for not stopping this for lying important orders are covered and handled and never have been once and to lie the entire U N when in 2007 you were told no ispy allowed to stop it now and you did not and you never stop you keep breaking the American laws and you were caught for lying already and they were told to pay her seven thousand spring 09 because they never paid Nancy Fox eight hundred slander fees by ten liars and thats eighty thousand owed to her from fall 2008 spring 09 order from the real White House and the relative says they take every gifts every cent so no one knows shes psychic and to lie they did the stop slavery job by spy cams and by hacking getting her work and having women sit in estates typing reports and they steal her gifts and money cars and paypal and everything sent for the medium of mine and for God Jesus to say in early 06 the devil gave the banker on the lake the mail of our mediums to stop traffick in their area and to save one thousand lives residents from being smuggled underground in their human slavery smuggling ring underground and he stole it as usual and gave it to the hated mortgage broker crook and may have sent our mediums funds to buy her house on Lake Sherwood Drive and she lies her name is Fox and lies shes the Nancy G Fox accountant and lies she takes all the money mail paypal because a gravely disabled retard idiot is not able to collect her own money and she wrote fake instructions job description in 07 fall she spied on the front of her real estate office building where Nancy Fox worked on Russell Ranch Road and waited for her stop slavery job in a UPS or Fed Ex to be left in front of the building and she had a real estate man take it and they did this shredding on Lake Sherwood Drive or her office and they said we will say we are the Lordessses on earth family his wife and the banker lady mortgage broker and she got other women in on this evilness in 06 when she stole her stop traffick Conejo Valley job and that said Nancy Fox is to be charge of safety of this city and valley where they live for years to stop the smuggling underground and the banker lady whos so arrogant pompus and braggy and sinful said she wants to be in charge


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