MEDIUM4JESUSGOD ABOUT This site is the bee’s knees Jesus Christ To Say My Medium Needs Her So Stolen Funds Now as in Pronto and I mean it by my thy great grand endangered so Jesus in her being to say her money is so stolen by so many I shall explain it again this biggest bank robbery in time and its so inhuman to literally so starve a Prophet and I want the charges now so laid before the law of this cruel mean America and I want ten grand cash set in the palm of her gracious hand today now this morning and shes not ever allowed to be evicted or foreclosed on and no title is ever allowed to be changed on home property she does really own them all now and she needs her bank account statements in her own hand not an I D theft bank robber and her paypal funds are to be on her own paypal credit card now Nancy Fox paypal account is her funds that for over four long years are stolen and I shall explain it all again in the next letter from me her medium as shes also a hate crimes victim by so many dangerous ones and in danger of the antichrist clit cutters below the streets of this endangered land of Sherman Oaks where eighty nine mothers are on the list to take them below the street of the mall school area coffee shop areas by ambulances and all thier kids of all ages pre school elementary high school colleges they sit below now and the antichrist said yesterday its his slavery city and shes the ones saving them all and shes a criminal informant and that alone shes to be so protected as a great crime tipster is the other reason she needs ten grand cash in her hand and her paypal and her Prophet supply money Western Union and the Fox-Taylor Family best mom money as eviction is death and the whole city shall die along with it by medium4jesusgod Medium For God DBA download (9) To stop the I D theft to the ” Medium For God” Nancy Gail Foxs Prophet writing business and stop slavery internationally stop traffick money. There is a huge I D theft ring robbing my medium says I God to the great of his soul eternally forever is thou Jesus to say a real racquet is so set up so the Prophetess of this great century it may turn out to be as the money shall come so flooding in so shortly as a dirty deed they say they did so on purpose to the very best mom nicest one on my planet earth as she devoted her whole entire heart and soul of a real legend to me to see her best days ahead I do say as now shes explaining so again to the whole city that my Prophet writer money of a grand legend medium of mine they great to know me this Jesus Christ who has a glimp of so much hope today for that other place the city she did live in to see the real truth today on the news I do so pray as that could save her life today thats to endangered as always for so long as thats the hated evil sick so sinister they are the antichrist family of some brothers of homosapians and they murder in cold blood all over this earth and underneath it and yesterday he said he actually steals her funds and mail for fifty seven years since her birth and he did set it up to brain wash her whole city by a fake profile to slander to and say a fake persons story all made up and some may be exagerted and its all a lie so well done they said her leads are astromonically pleasing and she cant spell well in a trance of my white light as shes a real trance writer as I am in her medium and all her so tranceful pay is so stolen and its sent to thank her for her many so long hours of work to report the awful crimes the hated antichrist do to so many is unbelievable a pack of real hated sinister they act kind and so worried and dress nice and some are very funny and tell some jokes amongst themselves and fool all in that hated other city so far away it isnt as its twenty miles over the ridge to her new heaven it may have been so yesterday and so many times as she does report them the hated awul cruel antichrist who really tear of their limbs to put them in a gold box it said and thats a coffin planned for them said someone underground a person taking her so large of her owned funds and a coffin for the dead trafficked children is a cardboard box and they play a game on some women who are told to see if the mom has any sort of sex on her time off days off which is not much time for a single great mom and thats our my MIss Nancy Foxs legend story as so finally a great one of a proud mother had proven this awful framing done to her at the now hated by many around the earth the grand world is the so hated by me the devils trafficking places are that Dept of Child and Family Protective Services as shes proven I did nothing wrong and explains I was just so afraid as we were stalked by so many evil feeling of dark speeding around the street of ours cars zooming around and parking in front of our house area and mail box post one on a really nice laid post as he did put it in the ground our Lord on earth is how some did find out the hated not now shes not so much hated but she did really take the mail of our medium my love I do say shes to know some real horrid truth today of what they did say to take her stop slavery jobs away and she does know so much already by me explaining and by her own angel board reading board even she knows alot already and she does know so much and she did spell many words that match up and they really outright stole her stop slavery psychic jobs from their mail box and they were sent to hire her our angel board reader and she worked so diligently as the fastest angel board reader in our history and the last one as well on a really great ouija board and shes known for this since her great birth on that blessed day of our known internationally of thou Nov 4th 1959 as thats her day predicated ahead by us thou God and Jesus in her last life we said this date of Jan 19 or 9th to be born this year in Sept maybe perhaps but probably on around Nov 3rd in that great passing on time to be reborn in thou hated by us its not as its the best time of our life here in our heaven is to really write by her and she feels so much more smoothed out around the broken edges of waking up without any money for a cup of coffee again makes her moody and so mad to awake without a dime and to not be able to buy coffee or pay her rent now due for around three months it is that time of day I say to say shes the medium for God and our only one and her so great to so grand and shes so frustrated not having money she adds in that shes in tears literally so much of this time as all she does is work and work and no money ever comes not one stinkin cent and shes so misreable this so awful feeling that she is so used to having money to live and normally works as she does at this and money always flowed in and now its so plugged up and its so awful and frustrating and everyday she wakes up so angry and never felt angry at all before she just worked made money lived on her money she deserved and to not have a penny to eat yesterday or for coffee today or bus money even or three months rent money she needs as its all so stolen by set up stations everywhere she lives and goes and they are so hated to do this to her as its not fair at all and its so inhuman and its murder to so shorten her life span by the financial stress alone just that is so awful and here is how the most hated story goes as at her birth the antichrist planned to steal all her money and her mail and its her funds sent in her name on a great White Brinks truck for years 57 years he did say yesterday to himself he steals her well known estate funds for over 57 years since her birth and stole her inheritated propertys and lives in the houses and he told some that Son of God family funds is save life money for us men and thou ladies and gents under here and no its not its never been a cent of thiers and they lie they owned her propertys yesterday again and no they do not or the wall street stock as they are doing I D theft to our leader of stopping slavery Miss Nancy Fox and its her owned money that she wlled to herself and to have it at her rebirth and other relatives said we are the future son of God money thats our save life funds that some old lady left in Nancy Gail Foxs name but thats our account at banks in the name of Nancy G Fox or Nancy Gail Fox to spend it on saving lives and lied we are the future family and no they are not at all in the least as that older lady was Nancy Gail Fox our medium who willed it to herself to Nancy Gail Fox to be born to thou Doug and Denise Fox of their Ranchito Ave Sherman Oaks their land and home and to be their daughter and it was all so well planned out and the old lady was Nancy Fox in her past life who left it all to herself and her so future children and to great grandchildren and its all so spelled out exactly and and they stole her papers her whole life they do the hated antichrist probably do and change it perhaps and the others take the Nancy G Fox Los Angeles County money and say save live money is in and call some real great well known banks and say thats my account and say a lie I took this account over when she was five or seven or seventeen and no its not their place of business to be in as she was to be informed as a great girl and as an adult and they keep taking it everyweek from bank parking lots and it says right on it thou Nancy Gail Fox and aka Nancy Gail Fox-Taylor her past name and her daughters names are on it and our Lord on earth as it said in 05 to 06 and 07 may still say for him her old boyfriend and said one quarter is her signicant other and that one third to the three two daughters and boyfriend then it said this and still does not I say but did not long ago and its her estate at her great birth and her mom thinks shes gets this money when shes older 59 years old it is all due to her and her daughters who own one forth and so on and they took it from her other city where she lived and took her own angel board jobs right out of their mail box on a great post at their house and they literally stole it all from them and that was bank information and everything to save them as they report the hated antichrist the serial killers running human slavery and its money to gaurd them and its their owned funds for them to spend as they please and always has been and its left to them in this life so they have their own money for a life of luxury and to protect themselves from the antichrist serial killers and they set up for her to not have that money she owns a life of luxury and estate gated homes as safe places for them and full time limos and they are named The Lordess on earth family and the Lords and Lordesses of light great white light of mine and the Saint Jessica Denise Taylor and they are well known around the world old shaky one I do say so now as someone needs to hand her ten grand now to pay her rent please Sir underground they say take that old bum hag away from this coffees shop we sit under is hated Jenna the clit cutter kiddy porn murderer rapist in her hell hole the antichrist women under the coffee shop robbing the Medium For God for so long for seven years and one half approximately since 2010 shes a rapist sitting underground they force women in gyno chairs barber chairs ten lined up to cut off their clitoral areas and they are are all so high on meth crank dope now they are wasted drugged up and under the coffee shop now raping more people they plan they are on drugs raping killing torturing everyone and cutting clits off and rob money and thats them raping murdering robbing drugging killing cutting clts off ten women strap a lady in a gyno chair or barber chair it may be from the crime tips reported and they line up 10 chairs all sterile hygine they say and they cut off clits and the whole thing often usually and the tip also sometimes for years for the antichrist and its medical malpractice and its illegal a phelony crime and I want them stopped now please dear God what is taking so long to stop them now ? it must be done clit cutter kid killers are sitting under a local coffee shop now and they steal the money that is Nancy Gail Foxs its her owned business they rob and they have charts laid out on a bulletin board of lobe offs to remove peices of the brains of children and to murder my medium and her daughters and they have charts and sit around marking up surgerys on them to murder all of them and the antichrist planned to keep Nancy Foxs psychic medium oiuja board channel writer spirit writer jobs away from her and since her birth steals her so important mail and steals her truck loads of funds and said she stopped them in her last life and this life hes blocking it from her money mail and so on and he may lie thats some save life money left in her name and no its her money she owns and her family is her daughters and him and her elderly mom is to get one hundred grand off the top when its sent each time since her birth so our Lordesss thou Mrs Denise S Fox is owned that amount for 57 years and that may say shes to pay a staff to cover Nancy Gail Fox the wealthiest person in the world as the heiress Amen no plus ones


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