They say they want to get them underground by many fake ambulance calls like they always take them away kickin and screamin and say keep stealing her Prophet rent money sent by her emails thats all hers the Medium For God Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor so the Prophet writer can’t pay her rent to get her booted out on Friday they are trying by fake files they are sending everywhere and Sunday it says and shes trying to  stop the eviction and get her paypal they steal 800 mil an hour for 4 years thats all hers its all Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor Medium For God DBA Business owners sent to her email addresses as she set up for her wordpresses to stop slavery internationally and they all rob her money and lie its for trying reports with her tips in it and lie its for a Westlake Village realtors stop slavery job they took over in 2009 when they framed her to DCFS to get  fake mail lien to steal what is hers and they lie her Medium For God channel writing faxes she does since June 2009 for 8 years and 7 and 1/2 years of non stop emails she sends since Jan 09 from Gods Medium and other email addresses that she set her wordpresses up by Sept 1st 2012 the day after she quit The Psychic Eye they lie all her Medium For God 8 years of money is for covering a Westlake Village real estate stop slavery job they took over in 2009 and no its all Nancy Gail Foxs the Medium For God channel writer Prophet writer telepathic mind readers money for her stop slavery tips she wrote and sent from 4900 Ranchito Ave Sherman Oaks CA 91423 by faxing and emails from Sherman Oaks from 2010 to 2013 and from Noho from 2013 to 2016 and Sherman Oaks from 2016 to 2017 and its for her work she wrote and sent from The San Fernando Valley and its nothing to do with Westlake Village or anyone else and they steal the money that is Nancy Gail Foxs sent for her channel writing and they rob writing pay and office money mortgage money sent for River Farm Drive and Best Mom Money for the My DCFS Victimizing Story of facts of the pain and suffering they caused to Nancy Fox and Jessica and Hannah Taylor and they stole the victims money and hide it in banks 890 million times 89 accounts that is Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor and 3/4 says for Hannah Grace Judith Taylor whos 22 now and its Jessica Denise Taylors whos 25 years old and its stolen mail and postal money cash sent to Nancy G Fox and fhe Fox-Taylor family and its 900 letters a week the devils steal and UPS Fed Ex truck loads of presents of theirs they stole and its resume’ gifts and office money sent since summer 2010 and its for Nancy Foxs emails and an evil relative steals it and has 100 rip it off and they steal paypal and have it sent to their email addresses and steal it and its not their money and they lie its for covering by hacking for a Westlake Village real estate stop slavery job they took over in 09 when they framed Nancy Fox the best mom to DCFS and no they stole the 800 angel board jobs of Nancy Gail Foxs psychic jobs sent for her when she was a realtor and they lie they took a job over and no they stole her jobs in the mail framed her to DCFS and steal all her Medium For God money mail gifts paypal car presents and Prophet rent postal cash thats all sent for Nancy Gail Foxs work in Sherman Oaks and North Hollywood for her work in The San Fernando Valley and they steal it and take it to  The Conejo Valley and lie its their stop slavery Westlake Village Real estate job and they lie shes a gravely disabled person they cover for the Westlake Village real estate job  to stop slavery and say they hack and get mish mosh she writes and unscramble it and write it in a neat report and the money is not for their reports. In 2005 to 2009 they stole Nancy Foxs 800 angel board stop slavery stop traffick jobs sent for Nancy Fox and they ripped them off and set her up and they stalked the mail box on River Farm Drive and took it right out of their mail box in summer 2008 by many greedy hot shot scam artists cut throats zipping around the street who heard a big huge stop slavery estate buyers job came for Nancy Fox a realtor and they decided to snake it and stole her mail and lied her psychic stop slavery stop traffick jobs for a psychic detective sent because she posted her psychic angel board ability online in 2005 and did her angel board every night is why the many stop slavery psychic detective jobs were sent for Nancy Fox and the slavery ring women said lets take her jobs say they are our by spy cams with our men under L A and set her up to The Dept of Child Protective Services to take them on a mission top secret exchange of a person and her family that they lie are worthless that they do to many moms and their kids for years and they wanted to cover up their top secret human selling torture operation and stole 800 angel board stop slavery stop traffick jobs sent for Nancy Fox from many places and in 2005 it was a job from China that said to save females on your angel board and six hundred a week salary and in 2006 it said for Nancy Fox to save one thousand lives in The Conejo Valley from being taken to top secret human exchange and that your name and your daughters names are on the top of the list and we want you to be in charge of safety of the city and 900 mil a week is sent to your banks and we want you to buy properties with your money as the owner of many houses to rule the city and to stop slavery internationally at River Farm Drive with your family by your side and to buy many mansions with your money and you may want to pay some realtors a referal fee as you will be too busy stopping slavery as the international spokesperson for us and the other job is called The Nancy Fox Investigation of Stopping Slavery internationally by her angel board words and said to hire 700 more people to be your Nancy G Fox associates and said 100 houses were bought in advance for your family and friends to live in around you to protect you and your daughters and mom and the houses are on the streets you loved as a realtor looking as someone kept track and bought them secretly to prepare for the Son of God Nancy G Fox save life family spiritual awakening as you shall stop slavery in your city you shall own internationally and for Los Angeles County and you shall have a bull horn loud speaker and give up to the minute psychic crime tips to Police and Sheriffs and FBI and the News crews and of the 900 mil of yours sent each week 100 mil should go to them and 100 mil to your boyfriend and 1/4 is your daughters Jessica and Hannah-Grace Taylors and one hundred thousand is your moms from your owned money the Nancy  G Fox estate and you may pay 400 mil to a staff from your 3/4 of your 900 mil a week sent that is due to you at age 59 as the agreement says as its your loan to America


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