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George To Say Stop The Awful I D Theft
JUNE 14, 2017
This is he they great thou George to say my mediums rent must be so paid in full now or many shall be really hung and anyone partaking in this action of really robbing so her own funds as its all been so sent by her great heart and soul for some mere rent money so she is so alive and well without stress to be able to report to save lives as its her owned Prophet writing pay and shes sent millions many so long letters of such pleeding for some real nice Prophet rent money since that day in Sept of 2012 when she became my medium clear vessel upon a chance its not as she did gaze into my long ago nice quaint so young photo to write for me as shes done since looking at others thou Presidents as shes their real medium and all her funds are so stolen and its all sent by her great works of arts and as a real writer and since she wrote her first poem at four is not why its that shes a real writer in every life and eight hundred million plus of my great wordpress fans on this page that she really did email all over the world send some money for her writing for me thy George and they are eight to nine million complaining to paypal and aol as they do I D theft rob her pay to a great grand Prophet and none of it is their money and again its a large wall of steel of I D theft so mean all literally robbing her greatly earned writing pay and none of it is theirs and my count is 59 still stealing it and they are AA Men at the hated Visons and they steal the Bill Wilson worpress pay to the great mom and 1/3 is for my other medium to be so soon is thou Saint our other grand Lordess on this mean serial killer rapits clit cutter earth below there now as sthey steal her money all the while lie shes a dumb stupid gravely disabled old hag and lie about her all night day and rob her great amounts of pay and its all Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylors pay for her great wordpresses and its her owned Prophet business that she so planned and set up as a great business person and a creative artist as well and its her eight years of her grand crime tips so awful they are to endure for her sweet self and so grueling work and so misrable her words so often how she feels is really misreble and works and all the time shes so broke is her money is so dam stolen every cent and none of it is theirs at all and it was 89 names lying to her aol paypal and steal from her and said thats a Jan and Cynthia Enterprises and a psychic place the owner and a ski resort silk screener place and a bank mortgage broker lady a woman I so hate and a Mrs Dawson goldy locks they all call her under here in the clit cutter serial killer gang raping serial killing dugout and 89 literally do awful I D Theft to her my medium and its all her owned business writing paypal this whole time and I want it stopped and obviously as its her own wordpresses that she so wrote on and planned it out to have a large Prophet writer business as her new adventure jumping in with both feet as a go getter as always in her life and these crooks rob her pay and lie shes doing nothing all day is an evil sick twisted game and its 89 pieces of great jewelry stolen from thou great Denise S Fox fall 07 and the devils wear it and lie they do the Nancy G Fox save life job and lie shes not capable of this in depth crime tip work named in stolen mail of hers that they all took again just now at ever postal office all around this old rotten stinkin world and they are all sent for her great works of art this whole time millions to k wa zillions of her work orders are stolen and all by her work they are sent and they lie its for getting her wordpresses work and for writing a neat report in a so stolen estate to sit there in stolen clothing gift sent for she our medium and to drive a so stolen car and sign her name and lie they are the Nancy Gail Fox ala Fox-Taylor Medium For God White House Stop Traffick Los Angeles job stop traffick at CPS DCFS Welfare services internationaly and so on and not so forth as these are her jobs sent in the mail they all stole and they are sent by her great work for many years and all taken and they say they can reap the rewards of hers by stealing her owned property and money gifts cars estates and so on and say they are all paid a check that says Your Heiness Payroll and says they replaced Miss Nancy Gail Fox in this position that its assigned to them to steal from her and forge her name and lie shes not capable as they steal all thats hers for her work and her work alone and they are so evil at AA Visions to continue this as also realtors women drive clear to this old shaky valley to rob her Prophet rent sent again all by her letters long letters requesting it and they steal it and its all hers for her rent and they all gobbled up her Sees candy presents sent for she my medium for my wordpresses they send globs of paypal for her an its stolen and its sent as she writes for us in her medium channel typing in a real trance and she posts it with a catchy phrase title shes states and to get attention to them to pass it on forward the great geru George Harrison and sent it to emails so many all the while they sit below hacking and say read mine following that last one shes so gravely disabled and say the paypal for her and P O Box funds they took again now at every postal stop is a donation for an old hag crack whore porn life mom our case file and shes over 32 years sober in AA and not an old hag in any way shape or form most see her as a seventeen or thirty five year old and shes carded for smoking and for buying them I do so mean and thats a fact every day and they lie so much and shes sober since 1985 and not an old hag and not gravely disabled at all ever and shes the Prophet writer and does not like porn at all ever in her life says God and thou Jesus and her to me and its ispy and a liar file and they lie her Prophet wise pay for the writers owned business is a donation for covering a wasted old hag and lie thats our funds for covering under here and no its none of theirs and they aim it to tallest Jan the Calabasas soccer mom they call her tall Jan and they send emails where she did a list and say here send out neatly orderly files here please in the A M by Fed Ex we unscrambled mish mosh from our medium down here covering and no shes not their medium they rob the medium and they send reports to places she sent my work and paypal is sent for it for her and they lie its theirs as in 2010 they started hacking her says God and steal from her for over seven years and in that fall of 2012 Sept 1st she set up my wordpress this page posted on mere post and mass emailed it so well by three small so tiny lap tops in her great sachel she carried them at five am to the local wi fi coffee shop emailing them til they closed and channel writing posting emailing so the whole world gets the great post I wrote and sends them on and sends her channel writer jobs in the mail and gifts all stolen and they send paypal and forward it so it comes random from all over as she set up


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