I’m having a moving sale today at 7 am please come, I am evicted and must make money to lease a studio or a room today Sunday the 3rd I need one thousand dollars to move 13453 Moorpark St. #2 Sherman Oaks CA 91423

Mind Reading- they are underground stopping everyone from coming to my sale
They say then she will be arrested at five in the morning Sunday night to haul her to huge fat hanus men for our torture flick as we all us men one lady kimmy planned this whole entire time and we will lie the mom who lies and traps everyone is doing what Nancy Fox does for four and a half years she does the readings to stop slavery around the world and we will lie its dam Jan who works for us men and shes telling everybody say my old was best friend is ugly and then we will say shes the satan mom and say Im the prophet with Hered or Heather? Mary and Forrest and Lucinda and Janine us mens say those women save people by taking them to us and so does Aunt Linda and Uncle Ed and Uncle Steve for years and they are beaten raped by a billion and have lobotomys hystercomys killed says Ricki with Kimmy under Allott Ave now lying their asses off as usual and the devil in blue is Jan and Linda and Ed Steve Janine always as all Presidents Leaders know and reversed the names for 4 or 7 years
Nancy Fox is the angel the La emergency angelica God and Jesus Medium and voice and the channel writer telepathic mind reader of the hunus antichrist under LA county and works alone and reports
Jan works for the men who murder and blocks Nancys tips with a thousand others
Now they say stop everyone from Nancy Foxs sale today and then tell Sheriffs to arrest for not moving out her furntiture and haul her littlest ass away and call fake 911s to take her daughters and wam bam rape away by us thousand antichrist like we do everytime Jan Linda Ed Steve take them and DCFS our gal Dahl said slam dunk satan mom framing file at the childrens court in bugging 2009 and a lobotomys was set up that day and at traffic court 2009 fall and at ventura county court arrears money day 2009 summer and a million times by the old Govenor as us men women lie the ER Angel Gods medium is the satan mom and reverse the names from the devil Janine to Nancy and steal Nancys pay money income charity donations to stop traffick that she emails faxes for for 4 years and we take it and write our thousand devils names over it and devy it all up and steal her rent cash gifts people drop off and say no way we are stopping and tomorrow the parade for world peace to stop the underground slaughtering parade is in honor of Miss Nancy Gail Fox-Taylor stopping slavery internationally for saving millions of lives and we copy pasted out names over that and set up for us men evil gals to be on her float on Lankershim as we lie we take people to safety by one thousand men and its to murder them

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