March 14th 2013 6PM Arned Jans Lawyer is hacking now Arnie? Arned? a long name he puts his penis in kids in Hotels Motels in their rear end with the team of pedahile lawyers Janes Daddio Jennys Dad huge one on him they aim and Andy Thousand Oaks home for a year or more hes Jolenas? Joylynn? attorney shes a case worker? frame kid mom taker ? she may have stalked at the Royal Crowne Plaza May 2010 and a lady janine hired is running around with the animal cruelty peeping tom edited movie ginormous games editor did? or did it there and framed him? and thats the voyerism baby chopping paw off that janine did and was caught for by the President of the United States of America in fall 2008 where the stings japan paid for 3 years to prove they framed the son of God angel board reader nancy fox and her kids minor girls sold to japan slavery and they hired a sting to prove the evans mom did this to them and it was proven fall 2008 to obama in the river farm drive attic by bob wyoming the sting who saved the fox-taylors and he saved the cats when janine and others ? cut their ears off the stolen cat Eli and Babys paw and this was proven that janine framed jessica a child virgin AA sober teen demure book worm good student job at banana republic and janine sold her to japan france usa many places as a half dead body to exchange top secret at dcfs and janine framed jessica for animal cruelty with the cats eli baby that were cat napped from the fox-taylors yard and janine was supposed to be in prison fall 2008 spring 2009 and the japan stings left march 2009 and LA county stings lied they would handle the arrest list and jane cia population control came and was supposed to handle it and then bob foxworth japan sting was hired back by the white house wash dc to tell the childrens court about the conspiracy and he was paid off by janine and jan reverses the names on notices says arrest the evans mom wells fargo lady to save the la emergencina angelica gods medium nancy fox the one stopping slavery in all our Nations hand them the money the evans moms stole and save nancy jessica hannah grace RAD ballet Taylor and jan reverses the names and linda ed steve say no way we hire janine to take down our sister sold her in 1977 the year she was raped took ludes in Hollywood and we lie shes not sober 28 years and she is and linda ed are not ever they are the drunks steve is the peeping tom on his own family they are the sinners nancy is the honest nice angelic one and for 4 years janine says i framed them perfectly i am paid to do this longest job they all call it aiming arrest the ones we framed not me she says and she was caught for framing a child to murder her and has done the same thing she was caught for to hannah and does it to nancy fox and robs thier money houses horses and janine fox she says she is identity theft of a k zillion shes the devil mother doing this to nancy fox the la emergencina angelica medium4God and sends file to all vets now to frame nancy fox for animal cruetly the peeing tom cat baby movie that janine peck made

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