Soloman hacks tips he does lobeoffs lobotomys full ones on the case files his neices case workers get him by the thousnd framers who say they are really investigators thier cover they really ruin anything and everything the moms do such as hes waiting for my case file miss fox he lies to the san bernandino police commosner to email the stray cat alliance cat rescue she plans to email to nuter a stray cat hannah gave her that she found and we have one nice file says shes me gods medium i work beside her assist her and one framer retard files the gals turn molecules on in her legs and feet when she walks to starbucks and turn them on from underground when she walks by the ambulances they alll called by aiming lies to them and and when police are driving by and sitting parked and we have them watch her walk at traffic lights cross walks and they laugh at all the nice moms girls dads they do this to watch them on their cia we refer to them as top secet cia screens a blast a gas a hoot hollerin they say aim it all around to torcher people with robot control make graceful people look like cripples to strap them in a not needed at all ambulance and five files lie she needs heart valve surgerys lie clogged arterys and lies is how we kiill them by lying to ambulance cos and to fire stations all over the world and train the inborns since birth to frame molecules brain damage in coffees lie victimize steal pets and did molecules in the grandma denise s fox too and in hannah toe shoes ballet studios we make nice modest caring people look worhtless to sell them and send nine different framer files all around different names on them all recorded fake ones at the hall of records and death certificate filed on nancy gail fox lie to banks shes deceased take her money k zillions case worker neice molecule coffee killer stole the moms money to bejing china and they make nice people look like dumb worthless slutty retards with mickys liquid plummer peeping tom dcfs medical research ispyware in toliets shower heads smoke alarms streal thier money make fake files slander them by millions brain wash people to repeat lies and say see a worhtless lazy slutty retard piece of crap dope phen haul them away to men who paid to rape thier precious bodies torture them its a snuff torture dead body selling operation under Los Angeles county by nine liars under Noho and Sherman Oaks Los Angeles train stations subways North Hollywood high and wesermans stings santa monica and mississippi NYC Nevada West Virgina and other states in america and in china Japan France small part south of france indonesia litawania south africa hawaii islands catalina islands russia brazil and antartica still says sol he calls van nuys noho police sheriffs and to some says hes caring explains the real file and nice person nancy fox is and to others uses fake fraud names files and lies its nancy sampson problem maker he has her cousin mr barretts cia population control permission to block tips on how exhange is run top secret and nancy has not seen her cousin mr barret for 18 years or so and sol says i cover to spell check and aims where nancy fox emails and 500 of his killers liars drivers get the lead where she sent tips and they all millions deliver peeping tom of her nancy fox and ex boyfriend sean david finnigan and of her daughters jessica and hannah taylor and to some its the peeping tom edited file and to some its liar medical research files and to china hardwire people its the nice spiritual tips files and they murder people this way by a thousand doing fraud files and wherever nancy fox emails like to nuder her cat sebastian he will aim the liars life ruiners and they will call slander brain wash deliver liar files to make the cat lover nancy fox look bad so they wont help and they changed figeros notices to all vets in LA county areas white house litwania said here is donated money for figero surgerys do whatever you have to do to keep him alive any amount of money and sent ten thousand to several places and the liars aimers stole it said its for charity gave it away and changed the notices to seven vets said dont touch the cat or he has cancer put him down and did fraud to kill figero stole the vet money nancy fox raised stole rent money she raised stole cat litter and copy pasted to animal control and still are they were caught for cat napping violence cruelty done to baby stole him 2008 fall from river farm drive and were seen in the church survelence and busted and edited cat they hurt with peeping tom of jessica and japan stings animal cruelty center proved this already is why obama litawania china etc sent figero vet money to live he proves they stole the other cat baby and did this to baby and framed child then jessica for their crimes and bob finnerman sting beat kitty in river farm drive ispy of litwania human rights man and they poisoned gabriella figero kitty cutie he was named and they kill cats to traffick the owners and do it to all the case files they murder GET PROOF OF CASE FILES WHO WENT MISSING WHO WAS STALKING LYING STEALING PETS CALLING FIREMEN ON THEM TAKING TITLE TOTHEIR HOMES ANIMALS ARE UNDER LA COUNTY THEY SNUFF THEM WITH THE FAMILIES AND DO HALF ANIMAL SURGERYS ON KIDS FOR THEIR CLOWN CIRCUS SNUFF TORTURE FULL SPEED RIDES CARNIVAL THEY ARE THE ANTICHRIST WITH A BILLION AIMERS WHO WORK FOR THEM AND JANINE PECK EVANS DID THAT TO BABY AND TO MURDER RAPE SELL AN INNOCENT VIRGIN THEN MINOR GIRL JESSICA DENISE TAYLOR ANIMAL LOVER FOCUS ON THE SPIES LIARS CAT NAPPERS SHISTERS GOSSIPS PEOPLE WITH FILES NOT THE VICTIMS THEY SPY ON THE STING OPERATION NEEDS TO BE ON SOLOMAN REESEMAN RON LEVINES MEN RANDY LEVINES WESERMANS AUNT LINDA UNCLE ED UNCLE STEVEN DOUGLAS FOX JAN SOBEL MASTERMAN LIARS THEY PAY AND SAY KEEP AN EYE ON NANCY FOR ME HOW BROKE IS SHE?WATCH HER PAIN AND SUFFERNING AND DONT TELL HER HER AND HER GIRLS ARE EXPLOITED

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