The antichrist runs human sex sacrifice trafficking and make torture movies of the females they take to top secret exchange and now there are 300 men under Stan the stings in Studio City California United States of America and 500 more under Santa Monica Pier area by Main St and this is God all mighty and Jesus Christ your Lord explaining and a backwards word press is going around by the thousand scam con artists who work for the leader of the torture operation he says no way hes stopping his operation no way they the real Polica Sheriffs good ol boys can know we do this to the people we take top secret by CPS DCFS Welfare set ups to the Police Sheriffs Ambulance Cos and Fire Stations mall security and Goverment agencies and Court Houses of America and he says no way he will stop it and you cant stop me he aims messengers text messages faxes emails to a million who work for this elderly man with Ileen esp gal under Pass and Riverside Drive in Toluca Lake California under Clyborne Ave where they serial torture murder daily a mother and daughter top secret you cant know what happens under here he says to everybody and says they have their own laws in the underworld CIA top secret they take anyone they all pick dam it says the DCFS relatives and murder them all in surgerys where organs are removed and a box is stamped top secret medical research a used up worthless human being who was healthy happy good grades happy smart nice and law abiding hard working they say they are worthless criminals and no they are honest sucessful nice people great single moms and wonderful girls and babies and fathers and they serial murder by framing and they looped bugging to the Queen today sold more voyerism to Playboy and stole more bank wires set up rape in Utah Salt Lake men on their way to Park City Utah set up kid na

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