The devils are all aiming say this line lie hurry say Linda Ed Steve Janine and Mary Heather Forrest save kids from moms and say Nancy Foxs leads are way off base and hurry aim it all over Westake Village so the Realtors and AAs and old sponsors give it all backwards to Miss Thing we call her Jessica D. Taylor and to SD to daddy Darren regarding his ex wife Nancy Fox says she thinks all of this hanus stuff so disturbing we are ever so utterly extremely worried its so F’d up tell him in his words and really Nancy Fox mind reads us to save daughters and mothers from DCFS and stings who murder and frame plot set up exploit with edited ispyware like Japan real stings proved to the Pres of Japan USA France in fall 2008 over 4 years ago that traffick slavery dead body selling for satans whipping raping human cattle heards is done by slandering robbing victimizing ruining lives railroading really nice parents to courts to sell their kids to us men any age and now Ms Dahl so called DCFS thats the name we all call her shes looping framing in our editor film sound studios under the Los Angeles Courthouse now with an actress that Jan Sobelwood or Sobelman cast in her neck of the woods Calabasas near her property condominium she owns sells or somewhere there and they are saying Nancy and her sister and Ed had an arguement at the mall years back and tell the actors to read lines like a reality TV show to make the story up and Janine is looping bugging also to make her lies she told about seeing Nancy Fox at Vons and Janine lied they had an argument and no that never happened and Janine said it was over Sean and Nancy never heard Janine met Sean and never heard Janine met Linda and Ed either and thats why its called a conspiracy and they have Nancy mom and Hannah at the mall in survlence and Hannah and mom were upset about money that day and Hannah said something Aunt Linda had said to her or Dad that mom borrowed too much money from Grandma and then Hannah did not want to discuss it and Mom did nothing and there was no fight just a typical teenager flare up and we make things up and brain wash kids by aim to stir up trouble to take them away and to seperate them and make them upset and ruin lives by misinterpting bugging ispy like Jan does to Nancy Fox and Jan lies and does not get a spiritual AA person and watched Nancy in the bathtub maybe or heard Nancy say she was mediating and creative visualizing in their alone with candles always doing that sort of spirutal relaxing positive thinking and optimistic dreaming to help it to happen and Jan says omg Nancys crazy shes seeing things and when Nancy did her angel board in the bathroom alone they all laughed and said its nuts and Ms Dahl went in the attic and stomped around loud one day to scare Nancy and one night Steve or David flickered lights on Jessica doing homework to spoke them and molecules in Nancys bed and flashing lights we always do to moms and not girls as much now and we set people up to freak them out to lie they need a psych eval to haul them off by ambulances and shots of illegal drugs and lie we are a hospital underground LA county and Mississipi in swamp lands to smuggle buy heroin shipments from Peru and all over the world and from Baja too and Santa Monica boat docks we get it and tell task forces FBIs and real Police its all done ever so proffesionally and its not against the law the moms kids are hooked we lie and do this to stone cold sober mothers fathers ex boyfriends chilldren and teens the most to shoot them up by secret force and lie they need rehab to fuck their lights out by a billion literally who paid us men ladies by paypal and ebay too we launder the sex raping money and snufff movie money online as well labeled top secret DCFS fair game exchange of a worthless person and their kids who had no motivation we rob them blind steal their homes chemicals in water coffee food pixi dust to zonk them out and make them look worthless and lie they are lazy and had no life ever and usually get them on welfare and not needed SSI and collect it during the set ups and after they are deceased and that lead nancy Fox reported 3 years ago to the White House and the round table there a thousand million leads that went on the ballot and emailed petentions to shut down DCFS CPS and that she emailed for days months hours while she worked at the psychic eye for 2 years she worked there July 2010 to July 2012 and she did her stop traffick internationally channel writing mind reading all on her own time and asked for money from all over the world to be donated to her for a stop traffick office in Sherman Oaks California and money came and we all steal it and lie she went nuts at USC Nov 2009 more than 3 years ago and no that was the Govenor then doing that to her as Jan and Janine Linda Ed Steve us men DCFS Randy Levines men told her to and White House notices for years say not allowed to evaluate her ever in her life not allowed to spy hack her not allowed to hand cuff her and not allowed to instionalize her ever and that is from 29 Presidents leaders the Queen of England Sadia Arabia and China Japan the most all in her life that is the order and not allowed to have a goverment angency on their property not allowed to open a DCFS case file ever and same for her daughters no spying no evaluating no hand cuffs no ambulances not allowed to restrain them in any way and the USC eval was a tip that Jesus wrote with Nancy saying ” Sally a DCFS case worker will try to take Hannah from dance class on the red line subway to sex slavery in San Juan Capistrano to meet Gene a man by a boat there who would take her though a man hole by a shopping mall to sex slavery and that Peter Gray would be angry” and thats the tips and mind reading of Randolph who said I will bomb Agoura High and said we will Posion the well and names from her readings of people who may try to adopt her kids neively and sneakily and not know its to slavery raping murdering lobtomomy hystercomys clitorus removed breasts ugly surgerys monkey chimps surgerys and all the sick things us men do for a circus torture flick under Pass and RIverside Drive to Warner Brothers to Santa Catalina Islands to Hawaii to the army base and lie the nice moms and daughters are whores have at in in China and Japan 29 army bases and say free sex on me us men ladies from the Department of Welfare services the name we use mostly like we always used to do and tweens the most we take too and toddlers and send them in Fedex boxes UPS also as well and in summer 2005 a million came for an angel board for Nancy Fox and we stopped that and then 3 million in 2007 and we took it and Linda said to us men sold my sister already by Janines statments as Janine lied shes so lazy to me and sexy looking at Foxfield Riding school and i dont get her at all said Janine why is she there watching Jessicas lesson? and how can she be selling houses? and Janine lied her tight largest ass off to us men we said and always we do this to set up nice mothers and in 2007 another 5 mil came for messiah angel board reader Nancy Fox supermom wonder woman how she managed her time selling houses and driving her kids all around and Nancy worked as she drove them and showed homes previewed when they were busy and did it with her humble nature and does not act busy as shes humble reserved works quietly normallly and now she does scream tips leads from Jesus God all over the internet for 4 years and does readings since 2005 really and clues since then that she pieces all together with her detective thinking so Janine is the one thinking things are happening that are not at all and she and Jan Linda imagine things and Janine had her husband driving their kids around and Nancy did not have that she had no help for years as Darren drank again and not now hes sober in AA thankfully I Ricky say acting nice to media as they can really hear me in their tapes they do to see what the heck is going on and Janine is braggy and greedy and fliratous and not Nancy shes not braggy ever in her life like Janine is and Nancy had no sex at all until Dec 2005 and Janine lied hot stuff ma ma at her Guitar lessons and her gutiar teacher is into God praying and transidental mediation and does not party at all ever and hes shy and the nicest caring person and they lied hot stuff ma ma and here Nancy was finally doing something for herself taking guitar and took it at age 11 at the YMCA in Van Nuys and writes song lyrics poems her whole life and Jan steals them from ispy bugging and sell them out from under Nancy Fox and Janine may have copywritght one the other day and in 2005 Nancy made $120,000 in Real Estate and said i make more being creative playing gutiar writing my script also and did rewrite it in 2005 sold Janlor for $750,000 bought her dream home at River Farm Drive and had the best year ever in her life one of them and no sex no partys and did have a house warmin party for her realtor clients and the many millions came for Nancy Fox messiah Prophet angel board readings leads words they wanted then and Linda Jan Janine took Nancy Foxs money and said Janine a well s fargo broker can do it instead and took the millions Nancy was supposed to pay her house off with and to buy a house in old gated 1920s lake sherwood and linda says we all made a firm decision to sell my sister for borrowing money in 2007 from out mom and mom offered it to Nancy the best single mom dedicated to calling mom every day living 20 minutes away and linda steve did not help nancy at all and Sean did her then boyfriend and then they broke up Jan 2008 so he was not there to help mow the lawn trash out and real estate signs and other nice chores he did to help Nancy Fox and Darren was out of it and did not pay child support much ever and then Nancy docked his check and in 2006 they his parents hired a lawyer to fight back child support so he was not helping and sean was not there linda ed live over 5 hours away steve over an hour away and mom denise got dementia in Jan 2008 and before in 2007 Nancy started driving out alot more to see her and all the world on Nancys shoulders no help from mom anymore not darren not sean there and not linda steve ever and the loan market happened and sales slowed and to nancy it was a business loan for bills until listings sold and until jessica was driving and when mom moved in then all under one roof she could work long hours and make great money$250,000 a year her plan always was this and ten thousand a month her goal then and mom said do not tell the other kids! firmly do not tell linda ed steve I,m helping you with money and so nancy briefly told them by email and told steve in person and he borrowed a few thousand also of the $120,000 loan denise got for nancy and that was offered in 2007 many times and denise said i do not want you selling the house at river farm drive and shes tough about it and so nancy fox respects her privacy and thats the money story and all would have been fine and great if they had not stolen Nancy Fox angel board reading money she would have paid off river farm drive 2005 and 2007 bought an angel board reading 1920s house on lake sherwood drive as china sent her that gift she wished for and Jessica would have been in horse shows at a dorm at UCLA and mom could have had a chauffer to drive her to Westlake Village and Hannah was supposed to have a ballet studio built too with the money and here they are complaining a pro Realtor 10 year great referal business and they are sitting there with her millions and its their fault she borrowed as they took Nancy Foxs money and never told Nancy Fox and they never even discussed Nancy doing the angel board and ten million more taken now and they are not mediums angel board readers channel writers messiahs they are the ones taking kids from moms by setting them all up and they do what Nancy Fox reports and they use her money to run slavery slaughtering by a thousand stings who lie they cover Nancy Fox

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